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Mopac Express Lanes

Mopac Express Lanes

Fear the Mopacalypse!!  Beware the dreaded Slopac!!

Construction on the Mopac Express Lane has given the major road way many new names.  Of course, there’s the ever-familiar Loop 1, and the novice Toll 45 extension, but deep in the heart of the city, traffic is haunting travelers.

Originally planned for completion in 2016, the target open dates for the Mopac express lane will now be 2017.

To keep the express lanes from becoming congested, individual drivers are charged a variable toll that increases when traffic is heavy and goes down when traffic is light.

The MoPac Express Lanes will encourage people to carpool because they have the option to split the cost of the trip among each occupant in the vehicle.

Since the expressway is not intended for everyday use, individual drivers will have to decide whether any particular trip is worth the toll being charged at the time they wish to use the Express Lanes. – See more at: http://www.mopacexpress.com/express-lanes/index.php#sthash.1rgTpH9R.dpuf

The Mopac Express Lane should open just in time for the construction spotlight to shine at two busy intersections on the neighboring IH 35 – 51st St (named the 2nd busiest intersection in TEXAS) and Oltorf Rd- both planned to begin projects in 2017.



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