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We love making sellers money! We ensure that no money is left on the table by following a strict, detailed process. A specific plan is developed for each client after the property has been thoroughly evaluated to determine the maximum value. Our team is involved in every part of the process and excels at netting the highest possible return for our clients, with decades of experience in pricing, marketing, and negotiating.

Team Resources = Fast Results on Metric Blvd

This client of ours owned a rental unit in a complex that had an oversupply of units for sale and not much buyer activity taking place.  On top of that, the complex was due for an exterior upgrade (which was in the works, headed by the HOA) so it wasn’t very appealing to the eyes. The most unnerving part is that we were working with an uncooperative tenant, which can often delay the selling process.  These conditions were certainly not conducive to a fast or smooth sale.

By using teamwork to delicately and tactfully “win over” the tenant, along with accurate pricing and target marketing, a buyer was contracted within only a few days, and the tenant was able to renew her lease with the new owner.  All’s well that ends well.

Smart Remodeling, Pricing, and Marketing = Maximum Profit

Our investor client had purchased a fixer upper to flip.  Our task was to advise him on remodeling plans with the maximum return on investment in mind – everything from floor plan, paint colors, fixtures, flooring, staging, literally top to bottom of the property. The key ingredient to the success of the overall plan was adequate pricing and marketing.  By thoroughly evaluating the market and defining a buyer to target in our marketing plan, we created a “buyer frenzy”.  More than 50 people attended our pre-market open house that generated multiple offers.  Our client accepted an offer that was $15,000 over the list price.  That’s one accomplishment, but then, through working one-on-one with the appraiser, we ensured that the home met the value required for the buyer’s lender.  We hit a home run with this one and have moved on to the next project with this client.

The Pinnacle Group to the rescue! The Story of Sierra Arbor

We were referred to our Sierra Arbor clients in the northwest hills of Austin by their neighbors, whom we had worked with in the past. The owner’s home had been listed with a Realtor for over 30 days and had very few showings and zero offers.  The price had already been reduced $20,000 and it was about to be dropped another $10,000…

Their Realtor had recommended that they practically live in their own shadows.  The home had been almost completely emptied; their son was sleeping on a roll-away mat and hiding it in the closet during the day where his computer desk and chair were also stored as a workspace. The vast emptiness of the 3400 square foot home left buyers questioning what to do with all of the space.

The home was built in 1993, and even though the owners had spent tens of thousands of dollars remodeling it already, it still hadn’t quite made it out of the Brass Era (the trend in the 80s/90s using brass fixtures). The downstairs area had been upgraded to non-brass fixtures but the upstairs, including the master bathroom, hadn’t. And there was pink carpet, yes PINK, on the staircase at the entryway!

The potential buyers were confused- Do the owners live here? How much will it cost to de-brass the upstairs? Can the pink carpet be replaced to match the existing carpet upstairs?! What am I supposed to do with that space by the front door?!! So many daunting mysteries…

We identified the deal-killers quickly and developed a plan that was within the owner’s budget.

After making our recommended modifications, including staging certain areas, the home was under contract within 26 days at full price, which was $10,000 more than it had been listed with the previous Realtor.