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Meet John Little

Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR)
Counselor of Real Estate (CRE)
Certified Residential Specialist (CRS)

Even after 39 years and 4,600 transactions, John continues to have a spring in his step and a twinkle in his eyes that says, “I just love what I do and I can’t wait to put my experience to work for you!”

Seasoned real estate veteran. Master Negotiator. Avid fisherman and outdoorsman. Trusted real estate advisor. John is passionate about being an advocate for his clients. His meticulous and proven systems separate him from even the best of top agents and have earned him the right to serve thousands of extremely satisfied clients.

John Little has been helping homebuyers and sellers avoid costly real estate mistakes since 1986. Repeatedly ranked among Austin’s top Realtors® by Austin Business Journal, John has handled over 4,600 transactions and sold over $600 million worth of real estate. “I’ve basically seen it all,” says John. “No two transactions have ever been the same.” With his vast experience, John knows all too well how easy it is to overpay for a home or loan, or to get stuck with hidden fees and unanticipated future costs. A masterful negotiator with top-notch real estate market knowledge, John helps his clients avoid these pitfalls and defends their best interests with a firm hand.

After 39 years, John’s commitment to exceptional customer service remains unchanged. He is more excited today than ever before about working in real estate. “The industry has evolved so much. There are so many fun tools and systems available to buy, sell, and market properties. Back in the day, you only had pay phones and a pocket full of quarters,” remembers John. Indeed, without cell phones or fax machines, John literally went the extra mile for his clients, often flying to different cities just to get a contract signed.

Now, John stays up to speed on the industry’s changing technologies by taking classes, webinars, and online courses. After 25 years with the same real estate company, John joined Maxavenue because “as a seasoned real estate veteran, I was hungry for a chance to grow and raise the level of my service.” John has spent hundreds of additional hours training with Maxavenue, and as a licensed Broker and Certified Residential Specialist, he has the highest designations that a Realtor® can obtain.

Yet it is John’s extensive experience that truly sets him apart from other Realtors. Living and working in Austin since 1986, John has sold everything from small empty lots to mobile homes to multi-million dollar luxury properties. Having helped homebuyers and sellers all across Austin and its surrounding counties, he has an instinctive understanding of neighborhood turnover ratios, local and neighborhood appreciation rates, and real estate market cycles. He has serviced and sold homes all over Travis, Williamson and Hays counties. John rarely turns down any properties due to price or location. His only rule: “If I can’t provide 100% excellent service, then I have no business being there.”

Working with John is truly an authentic experience. Loyal and forthright, he puts his clients best interests above his own and refuses to sugarcoat the process. “I’ll tell you what you need to hear and what you don’t want to hear about the property,” he says. John knows that many buyers emotionally connect with a house or get tunnel vision about a particular home feature, like a big pool or a sweeping view. Oftentimes, they lose their objectivity and end up overpaying and overstretching their finances.

To avoid these costly mistakes, John utilizes the systematic Maxavenue Maximum Choice Home Buying System® to examine a potential home from all possible angles. “While you’re enamored with the floor plan, I’m looking at the location, condition, future appreciation, and future home homeownership costs. Is the value there? Is the price right? Does it fit your lifestyle needs?” John helps homebuyers define and prioritize their financial and lifestyle goals and conducts an organized, well-defined search process. Persistence is key: “We shop ‘till we drop,” says John. “I don’t care if it’s the first house or if it takes 120 houses. We buy the right house at the right price. Period.”

For home sellers, John knows the secrets of selling a home quickly and for the maximum value. He employs Maxavenue’s Maximum Value Home Selling System®, a systematic pre-inspection and marketing plan custom designed “to promote a property’s pluses and deal with its negatives.” John assembles and coordinates a trusted team of experts to stage the home both inside and outside, take professional photographs, maximize the home’s exposure on the Internet, and target the right potential buyers.

With his years of experience, John knows how to effectively reduce the risk of a canceled contract and ensures that his sellers are in a position of strength when negotiating. “Contracts are very detailed. There are all kinds of traps written for the buyer’s benefit,” John says. “My job is to look out for traps and issues, eliminate them in advance, and always be one step ahead of the game.” Diplomatic and incredibly savvy, John is a staunch representative and defender of his client’s best interests.

After 39 years in the real estate industry, John is tough and steadfast. He enjoys tackling challenges and using his immense real estate knowledge to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. “I love the sense of responsibility that is bestowed on me,” John says. “My clients are dependent on my skills and my experience to get a job done for them. I relish that opportunity. I jump in with both feet. I give it my all.” John is a trusted resource, with a level of sincerity, professionalism, and experience that is cherished by all his lifelong clients.